APhA-ASP Senior Recognition Certificate


Each spring, APhA honors the graduating member who has made the greatest contribution to each APhA-ASP chapter, with a Senior Recognition Certificate. In addition, APhA will nationally recognize all of the honored seniors through its publications.

Chapter Advisors, with the advice and approval of the non-graduating officers and members, please select one student to be honored for his or her sustained outstanding work in your APhA-ASP chapter.

Nomination Process

A call for nominations for the APhA-ASP Senior Recognition Award will be made through the APhA-ASP Chapter Advisor. Nominations must be submitted electronically by the chapter advisors or awards contact at the College/School of pharmacy.  

2019 Senior Recognition Certificate Nomination Form

Selection Process

Selections are made by the discretion of the APhA-ASP Chapter Advisor and Chapter Officers.

Nature of the Award

The award consists of the Senior Recognition Certificate.


All nominations must be received by APhA annually by May 31st.

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