TV, podcasts, and movies, oh my!

Binge with Brad By Brad Rzendzian, PharmD, MBA

My name is Brad Rzendzian, and I consume an absurd amount of media content, including television shows, movies, podcasts, music, books, and more. I have very eclectic taste, so trust me when I tell you that there is something here for everyone.


Title: Younger
Where to find it: TV Land, Hulu
Described in 140 characters or less: Don’t let “TV Land” scare you off. Younger is Sex in the City meets Never Been Kissed. Light-hearted comedy with plenty of love stories that everyone will enjoy!
Why you should watch: Younger is a story about a 40-year-old divorced mom who poses as a 26-year-old in order to get a new job in the publishing industry.

Watching the protagonist, Liza Miller (Sutton Foster), get a grasp on what the youths find ”cool” is comedy gold, but it is also a grim look at what many of us are experiencing in our current lives … getting older.

If you can suspend some disbelief, you will love the show for what it has to offer: a sophisticated, comedic look at aging and generational diversity, good looking dudes, Hillary Duff aka Lizzie McGuire, and a glorified look at NYC.

Title: Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee
Where to find it: Netflix
Described in a tagline: Confessions, stories, and unfiltered opinions from some of the most creative minds in comedy and culture
Why you should watch: Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee is the most unique talk show you will ever watch. Jerry Seinfeld’s ability to have genuine conversations with people who are extremely funny makes this a show everyone should check out.

Netflix has all 10 seasons available, and unlike other shows, you do not need to watch these in order. Feel free to skip through and pick individuals that you admire or want to learn more about as this is the best way to get sucked in. Some of my personal favorites: Alec Baldwin, Jason Alexander as “George Constanza,” Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, and Barack Obama.


Title: Malcolm Gladwell’s Revisionist History
Where to find it: Apple podcasts, Spotify, and other Podcasts apps
Sales pitch: Malcom Gladwell has again and again redefined how people look at the world. First, through his books—such as Outliers, The Tipping Point, and Blink—and now, through his podcast.

Best episodes:

  • Blame Game–Discusses how group dynamics can overtake common sense and rationality.
  • My Little Hundred Million–Exploration of college university endowments and why the rich have a propensity for donating to elite schools.
  • A Good Walk Spoiled–Explanation for why golf courses exist on some of the most valuable real estate in the United States.

Title: Binge Mode: Harry Potter
Where to find it: Apple podcasts, Spotify, and other Podcasts apps
Short but effective summary: A podcast that goes deep into every book chapter, movie, and facet of J.K. Rowling’s iconic book series Harry Potter.

Why you should listen: You will not find a couple of nerds as passionate or as funny as Mallory Rubin and Jason Concepcion. Their exploration of the books, movies, and more will light that Goblet of (Harry Potter) Fire you have been holding in all these years.


Title: Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again
What it is: MM!HWGA is a sequel to the beloved ABBA-based musical turned movie, Mamma Mia! The movie provides a delightful and bizarre plot with comedy, love, dancing, singing, and more. 
Who you should take: This is a movie that many people will enjoy and is perfect for a date night. However, I feel that the most appropriate person to take is your mom. The story is tied to a mother and daughter bond that will surely resonate with your mamma. Take her and enjoy!


Title: Bad Blood: Secrets and Lies in a Silicon Valley Startup, By John Carreyrou
Described in phrases: “Real-life story,” “Evil Steve Jobs of health care,” “Youngest female billionaire’s rise and fall”
Why you should read it: This true story will blow your mind. Elizabeth Holmes created Theranos, which became a multi-billion-dollar corporation based on a falsified blood diagnostic test. The book describes the deception and interworking of Theranos and how a 19-year-old duped Wall Street investors, political figures, health care corporations, and more into financing and treating patients with an inaccurate and faulty blood diagnostic device.